A&N Exterior Stucco


When I was approached by A&N Exterior Stucco the company was languishing due to having invested in a website that wasn’t optimized for search engines and was therefore not returning any new leads. Additionally the company branding was dated and didn’t reflect the level of service offered by A&N’s professionals.


My first step was to focus on rebranding A&N Exterior Stucco. The logo was refreshed and applied to a fresh new business card design which was printed on high-quality, 16pt pebbled card stock.

The company website, www.iamstucco.ca was completed revamped and built over the WordPress CMS. A great deal of attention was put into SEO. This website was optimized both on-site and off-site and is now updated with new projects regularly to keep it relevant.


The A&N Exterior Stucco website has been ranked in the top 3 stucco websites in Toronto for the last 5 years and currently generates an average of 4-5 new leads per day for the company.

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • SEO optimisation
  • Content architecture
  • Motion picture
A&N Exterior Stucco